Enjoying our time at the World of Genomics today in St. Louis! Photo 1: teaming up with @RIPEproject to show how genetic engineering makes better plants for food and fuel. Photo 2: Yeast samples provided by Co-PI Bruce Dien from his @USDA_ARS Peoria lab.


Caitlin Moore, a @Illinois_Alma Plant Biology Postdoc Researcher, is one of the first non-faculty-level members of the #CABBI Sustainability theme. Her work revolves around a set of flux towers at the Energy Farm. 🌾

Read the full research profile ➡️ https://t.co/ZZ9tdGDjH9

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CABBI Colloquia

Once a month, CABBI is organizing a colloquium for all of its researchers. At every colloquium, one grad student, postdoc, or PI will give a 20-minute presentation on his or her CABBI research. The presenter finishes the presentation with discussion questions to the audience in order to identify new integration opportunities within a theme, across CABBI themes, and/or with other U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Research Centers (BRCs). Each colloquium will finish with a networking event, including refreshments.

In the audience are CABBI researchers from all three themes. Scientists from the partner institutions are encouraged to attend and/or present through Zoom. The presenters will rotate among the themes and partner institutions.

Jing-Jing Liu

Conversion Theme

Postdoc (Advisor Christopher Rao)

Title of talk: “System Analysis of Lipomyces starkeyi Uncovered New Gene Targets for Metabolic Engineering.”
Date: Oct. 15, 2018

Chongya Jiang

Sustainability Theme

Postdoc (Advisor Kaiyu Guan)

Title of talk: “Mapping marginal lands at field scale for the Midwestern United States.”
Date: Sept.17, 2018

Hae Jin Kim

Feedstock Theme

Postdoc (Advisor Ed Cahoon)

Title of talk: “Synthetic Design of Plant Oil Metabolism”
Date: Aug.13, 2018

Tong Si

Conversion Theme

Postdoc (Advisors Jonathan Sweedler,

Huimin Zhao)

Title of talk: “Automated Biomanufacturing of Microbial Libraries for Promoting Sustainability”
Date: June 4, 2018