CABBI Team Achieves First Precision Gene Editing in Miscanthus

Research accelerates efforts to tap the huge potential of this highly productive but genetically complex grass as a source for biofuels, renewable bioproducts, and carbon sequestration.

AAMU Plant Breeding Specialist Cements CABBI Partnership

Ernst Cebert, an Alabama A&M agronomist who has collaborated on CABBI research since 2018, is now officially part of the Center.

CABBI, GLBRC Researchers Earn 2 EMSL Awards

Marshall-Colón, Swaminathan part of new Sorghum bicolor stem studies funded by Environmental Molecular Sciences Lab.

A Visit with New Sustainability Leader Wendy Yang

CABBI’s Sustainability Theme has come a long way in its first five years, and the years ahead are looking bright!







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We don't seem to get enough of it, but this is good news... @CABBIbio researchers have successfully demonstrated precision gene editing in miscanthus... accelerating its potential as a bioenergy game-changer...

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