CABBI Researchers Chart Oilcane Microbiome

Further exploration may reveal opportunities to leverage plant-microbial interactions, which could increase oil yields for sustainable bioenergy production.

Penn State Biochemist Applies Aging Research to Yeasts

Melanie McReynolds studies how stress disrupts NAD+, a powerful coenzyme that regulates metabolism in humans and yeasts.

Wastewater to Energy: New Treatment Process Can Improve Biorefinery Sustainability

CABBI design simultaneously treats wastewater and recovers biogas, generating revenue and reducing GHG emissions.

CABBI/GLBRC Team Explores Leaf Microbiome in Perennial Bioenergy Crops

Multi-BRC study shows that life on a leaf might be a key to a sustainable future.







CABBI Research Themes

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DOE Renews CABBI Five More Years

Phase 2 of Center will continue groundbreaking work toward U.S. energy independence.