Podcast: CABBI Researchers Discuss Creating an Energy Market for Miscanthus

Center is working on understanding Miscanthus biology and the economic terrain to help make the plant a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

iGEM Team Earns Bronze

Undergraduates work toward breaking down widely used plastics.

Harvesting Sorghum at the Illinois Energy Farm

A video describing sustainability research conducted on the plots at Illinois.







CABBI Research Themes

Feedstock Production





Himaya Mula-Michel, a #CABBI postdoc at @USDA_ARS in Houma, La., breeds resilient #sugarcane that can stand up to climate change - and survived the wrath of Hurricane Ida! ⛈️🌿🌪️

Read more in our latest research profile! ➡️ https://cabbi.bio/himaya-mula-michel-breeding-sugarcane-resilience-in-the-eye-of-a-hurricane/

ICYMI:📣 Check out this informative and entertaining @jgi Genome Insider #podcast hosted by @AlisonTakemura, "Creating an Energy Market for Miscanthus," featuring 5 CABBI scientists!

Link ➡️ https://jgi.doe.gov/genome-insider-s2-episode-9-creating-an-energy-market-for-miscanthus/

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