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CABBI Challenges CRP Status Quo, Mitigates Fossil Fuels

Study shows allocating CRP land for high-yielding energy biomass might eliminate the need for bioenergy crops and food crops to vie for space.

Out of This World: U of I Bioenergy Researchers Accurately Measure Photosynthesis from Space

A CABBI research team at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign developed a cutting-edge product to accurately and quickly measure gross primary production.

Integration Postdoc Bridges the Gap Between Feedstocks and Conversion

Researchers from the two different CABBI themes are pooling their skills to engineer plants that produce organic acids directly from CO2 and sunlight — cutting out the extra step of conversion via microbes.







CABBI Research Themes

Feedstock Production





Scientists like Christy Gibson are at the forefront of CABBI's bioenergy research. 🌱

This writer, researcher & renaissance scientist co-founded what is now @AWISUIUC and is committed to communicating her work so it's accessible to all! #WomenInSTEM


Iowa Miscanthus fields at 15% moisture and now on their way to becoming fuel and bedding! @sustainUI @CABBIbio @ISUCropNews @isuagronomy @USDA_NIFA

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