Practice Makes Perfect

CABBI scientists sharpen their science communications skills during a session Feb. 19, 2019. View the photos.

Harvesting Bioenergy Crops

Check out photos and videos from the 2018 harvest season.

Unique Combination of Catalysts Opens Doors to Making Useful Compounds

CABBI Conversion Theme Leader Huimin Zhao is part of a team that developed a new way to aid in making valuable compounds.

University of Illinois iGEM Team Takes on CABBI-funded Synthetic Biology Project

A group of undergraduate students has teamed up with CABBI researchers to pursue an ambitious research project.

CABBI Research Themes

Feedstock Production





“All of that feeds into creating this plentiful, safe food supply in a sustainable fashion — that’s why I like what I do.” Read the full profile on #CABBI PI @TEClemente1 @UNLincoln


#Bioenergy #Research

Thanks to the @uidaho and #CABBI postdoc Jeff Kent for visiting the #ILLINOIS campus and participating in our monthly colloquium.

#Bioenergy #Sorghum #Research

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