CABBI Team Adds Powerful New Dimension to Phenotyping Next-Gen Bioenergy Crop

3-D imaging, combined with machine learning, helps measure growth and expedite breeding in miscanthus

iGEM 2022: Seeking a Solution to the Nitrate Problem

Undergraduate team earns bronze medal for its ‘Curli Capture’ biofilm system, created to bind harmful chemicals.

Study Sheds Light on Leaf Traits, Productivity of C4 Bioenergy Crops

New paper enhances understanding of overall worldwide patterns in leaf functional relationships, offers insight into improving resource use efficiency.

CABBI Study: Design of RFS Leads to ‘Ethanol Blend Wall’

Nested Renewable Fuel Standard policies limit demand on cellulosic ethanol, delay efforts to reduce dependence on gasoline.







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Tianxia Xiao, @Princeton grad student with Joshua Rabinowitz, presented her #CABBI work on ethanol & yeast metabolism at the @SIMB_Microbio Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology conference!🙌
She found that yeast both excrete ethanol & consume it as fuel during fermentation.

CABBI is now on #LinkedIn! 🙌

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