CABBI Challenges CRP Status Quo, Mitigates Fossil Fuels

Study shows allocating CRP land for high-yielding energy biomass might eliminate the need for bioenergy crops and food crops to vie for space.

Out of This World: U of I Bioenergy Researchers Accurately Measure Photosynthesis from Space

A CABBI research team at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign developed a cutting-edge product to accurately and quickly measure gross primary production.

Integration Postdoc Bridges the Gap Between Feedstocks and Conversion

Researchers from the two different CABBI themes are pooling their skills to engineer plants that produce organic acids directly from CO2 and sunlight — cutting out the extra step of conversion via microbes.

Energy Sorghum May Combine Best of Annual, Perennial Bioenergy Crops

The annual crop behaves more like the perennial grass miscanthus than maize in the way it efficiently captures light and uses water to produce abundant biomass.







CABBI Research Themes

Feedstock Production





CABBI and @IGBIllinois are seeking undergrads to participate in the 2021 International Engineered Machines Competition (@iGEM). View details on our jobs page -->

Our work on oxidative cleavage over tungsten oxide catalysts was recently accepted @ACSCatalysis!! Congrats to Danim and co-authors (@Zey_ayla, @dtbreg), and a special thank you to @CABBIbio for supporting this work.

Check it out here! 🧪👀

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