Pushing the Boundaries of Eco-friendly Chemical Production

CABBI team uses light-powered enzymes to modify azaarenes — molecular puzzle pieces crucial to many everyday products — laying the groundwork for a sustainable future.

New study indicates C4 crops less sensitive to ozone pollution than C3 crops

CABBI-led team: Bioenergy feedstocks can maintain productivity in regions with elevated O3.

New Pipeline Makes Valuable Organic Acid from Plants — Saving Money and Emissions

CABBI researchers cut processing costs by using acid-tolerant yeast to produce succinic acid, an important chemical widely used in food, agricultural, and pharmaceutical products.

Ground Broken for CABBI Greenhouse!

New facility, expected open in Summer 2024, will support CABBI research.







DOE Renews CABBI Five More Years

Phase 2 of Center will continue groundbreaking work toward U.S. energy independence.