CABBI Team Develops Automated Platform for Plasmid Production

PlasmidMaker has a user-friendly web interface with which researchers can intuitively visualize and assemble the perfect plasmid for their needs.

Researchers Develop Powerful Strategy for Creating New-to-Nature Enzymes

CABBI team achieves elusive biocatalytic reaction, building on previous work that repurposes natural enzymes with light.

Soil-Plant Interactions and More: A Q&A With Marshall McDaniel

Get to know the newest CABBI Sustainability Investigator from Iowa State.

Building a Better Bioenergy Crop: A Q&A With Erik Sacks

Feedstock Production Deputy Theme Leader discusses the future of CABBI as well as miscanthus and cane research.







CABBI Research Themes

Feedstock Production





A model developed by a #CABBI team at @UofIllinois provides a better understanding of why farmers adopt perennial bioenergy crops. They're influenced more by economic factors than social/environmental concerns.

Read the feature in @Advancesengi!

Our paper on a versatile, automated, and high throughput end-to-end platform for plasmid construction has just been published ( This PlasmidMaker tool should be highly useful for basic and applied biology research. Congrats to the whole team!

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