CABBI Study: Design of RFS Leads to ‘Ethanol Blend Wall’

Nested Renewable Fuel Standard policies limit demand on cellulosic ethanol, delay efforts to reduce dependence on gasoline.

RISE Has ‘Lasting Impact’ on Student Interns from Diverse Backgrounds

Eight undergraduate researchers from across the U.S. participated in the second year of CABBI program, gaining valuable experience for STEM careers.

Research shows oilseeds’ potential for bioproduct creation

Nebraska/BNL work furthers CABBI goals!

CABBI Science Retreat 2022: Collaborating in Person!

In June 2022, CABBI scientists gathered to evaluate the Center’s progress and to plan for the future. View a short video!







CABBI Research Themes

Feedstock Production





A new #CABBI study provides a foundation for understanding metabolism of plant-based sugars — and a potentially valuable new metabolically engineered yeast to produce #biofuels and other chemicals.

📰 @NLM_NIH Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology:

Sorghum can be tall - very tall. 🌱

CABBI researchers Tony Studer, Liz Dominguez and @mae_mercadow of @IllinoisCropSci cut down sorghum plants for juicing last week, and they were too tall to fit in the truck.

So they strapped them on top!

#FieldFriday ☀️ 🛻

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