ICYMI:📣 Check out this informative and entertaining @jgi Genome Insider #podcast hosted by @AlisonTakemura, "Creating an Energy Market for Miscanthus," featuring 5 CABBI scientists!

Link ➡️ https://jgi.doe.gov/genome-insider-s2-episode-9-creating-an-energy-market-for-miscanthus/

Happy #FieldFriday from the Sunshine State!🌞

#CABBI researcher Fredy Altpeter (left) and his Florida research group are still smiling after two days of hard work in the oilcane fields!

Altpeter's lab is developing new sugarcane varieties to produce bofuels and bioproducts.

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CABBI Videos: Check out the Playlist >>>

Podcast: CABBI Researchers Discuss Creating an Energy Market for Miscanthus

Center is working on understanding Miscanthus biology and the economic terrain to help make the plant a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

iGEM Team Earns Bronze

Undergraduates work toward breaking down widely used plastics.

Harvesting Sorghum at the Illinois Energy Farm

A video describing sustainability research conducted on the plots at Illinois.

Marginal Land Available for Bioenergy Crops Much Scarcer than Previously Estimated

Recent studies by CABBI scientists show that researchers may be overestimating the amount of land that is available for bioenergy crops if they simply look at land that is low quality and low productivity.

Team Develops Bioprocess for Converting Plants into Chemicals

CABBI scientists from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign use engineered yeast that completely and efficiently converts plant matter consisting of acetate and xylose into high-value bioproducts.

CABBI Brochures

CABBI in Brief 2021, a two-page read on the basics of the Center

CABBI 2021, a four-page brochure on the Center after three years of operations

Filling the Gaps and Defining the Future of Bioenergy, CABBI overview published January 2018