#CABBI researchers are hard at work at the Energy Farm as they harvest crops for bioenergy production.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for our #CABBI researchers - harvest! At the Energy Farm, Illinois scientists are growing sorghum, miscanthus, and other crops for bioenergy production. 🌾🚜

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A Beautiful Song: Yong-Su Jin Embraces Science and Art of Metabolic Engineering

As a researcher, Yong-Su Jin sees both science and art in his work. He sees science in the measuring, testing and theorizing. But in the creativity and passion that his field requires, he sees art.

Unique Combination of Catalysts Opens Doors to Making Useful Compounds

CABBI Conversion Theme Leader Huimin Zhao is part of a team that developed a new way to aid in making valuable compounds.

University of Illinois iGEM Team Takes on CABBI-funded Synthetic Biology Project

A group of undergraduate students has teamed up with CABBI researchers to pursue an ambitious research project.

Tong Si: Bioengineering is in his Genes

While most children were building race tracks, Lego cities, and sandcastles, Tong Si was really interested in one thing: tearing them apart. Fascinated at a young age by what things are made of, he liked to break things apart to figure out how they work. Si naturally...

CABBI, Researchers in the Headlines

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Co-PI D.K. Lee on energy crops study, The News-Gazette video interview, Sept. 14, 2018:

Friday on the Farm with D.K. Lee

Co-PI D.K. Lee to lead new $5M DOE-funded energy crop study, iSEE website, Sept. 14, 2018:

iSEE Helps Secure $6M+ in New Research Grants for U of I Agriculture Studies

Emily Scott feature on Conversion Theme Co-PIs Ting Lu and Yong-Su Jin, IGB website, Sept. 14, 2018:

Harnessing Microbial Communities’ Division of Labor for Biofuel, Chemical Production

Co-PI Stephen P. Long, interviewe about CABBI grant, NPR and WILL, July 20, 2018:

Help or Hinder? Federal Agencies at Odds over Biofuels

Older News Items

January-June 2018

Co-PI Tara Hudiburg on CABBI grant in Idaho Business Review, June 1, 2018:

Grant Aids University of Idaho Biofuel Program

Co-PI Fredy Altpeter on being part of CABBI, University of Florida news blog, April 2, 2018:

UF Joins New Center to Create Fuel from Plants

CABBI’s Stephen P. Long, Donald Ort, and Vijay Singh on new $10.6M DOE ARPA-E grant, IGB website, Feb. 25, 2018:

DOE grants $10.6 million to produce more biodiesel, biojet fuel

CABBI Sustainability Deputy Theme Leader Wendy Yang interview and video, The News-Gazette, Feb. 15, 2018:

Office Hours with Aldo: Wendy Yang

CABBI Director Evan H. DeLucia, IGB Director Gene Robinson on Kickoff Celebration, The News-Gazette, Feb. 1, 2018:

Search for Sustainable Fuels Drives Researchers at UI’s New Bioenergy Center

CABBI Director Evan H. DeLucia on Kickoff Celebration, WILL’s the 21st program, Feb. 1, 2018:

What is ‘Bioenergy’?

CABBI Kickoff Celebration, WCIA’s illinoishomepage.net, Feb. 1, 2018:

DOE Research Center to Host Celebration

CABBI Kickoff Celebration, foxillinois.com, Feb. 1, 2018:

University of Illinois Launches Bioenergy Research Center

Gene Robinson on the CABBI Kickoff Celebration, Daily Illini, Jan. 30, 2018:

Celebration for New $115 Million Center Set for Feb. 1

D.K. Lee interviewed in the Mattoon, Ill., Journal Gazette and Times Courier, Jan. 25, 2018:

New Study Focuses on Cellulosic Biofuel Crops


From Smithsonian, Nov. 21, 2017:

Can Sugarcane Fuel Airplanes?

From The Chicago Tribune, Nov. 21, 2017:

Jet Fuel from Sugarcane? It’s Not a Flight of Fancy

From The Conversation, Nov. 20, 2017:

Jet Fuel from Sugarcane? It’s Not a Flight of Fancy

Stephen P. Long interview with thenakedscientists.com, Oct. 31, 2017:

Could Sugar Help Us to be Greener?

From the U of I News Bureau, Oct. 23, 2017:

Scientists: Expanding Brazilian Sugarcane Could Dent Global CO2

From Futurism, Sept. 14, 2017:

Sugarcane Could Create Cheaper, More Eco-Friendly Jet Fuels

CABBI Presentations

CABBI, presented by Director Evan H. DeLucia at Genomic Sciences Meeting, February 2018, Washington, D.C.

CABBI, presented by Director Evan H. DeLucia at Hokkaido University’s Global Institute for Collaborative Research and Education, February 2018, Hokkaido, Japan

CABBI Overview, presented by Director Evan H. DeLucia and Theme Leaders for Kickoff Celebration, Feb. 1, 2018, Urbana, Ill.

CABBI Research Objectives, presented by Deputy Director Stephen P. Long to the Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee (BERAC), Nov. 2, 2017, Washington, D.C.

Overview of the Center, presented by CABBI leadership team to the U.S. Department of Energy, Oct. 19, 2017, Washington, D.C.