Another #FieldFriday at #CABBI!

University of Florida researchers harvest oilcane, an engineered sugarcane that produces lipids for biofuels. The work is a collaboration between Fredy Altpeter of @UF & @UF_IFAS and John Shanklin of @BrookhavenLab.

📸Credit: Altpeter & Ayman Eid


#CABBI researchers @avanloocke, Josh Bendorf & @k8glanville were featured at @ialearningfarms field day on the benefits of growing sorghum!

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⬇️WATCH them discuss sorghum research at @IowaStateU SABR farm! @ISUBiomass

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CABBI Researchers Collaborate on Oilcane Pilot Project

CABBI researchers across the U.S. have struck oil(cane) — and right here in Illinois, scientists are exploring sugarcane’s viability as a renewable energy resource. Read for more!

Illinois Team Tracks COVID ‘Spike’ Protein for 2020 iGEM Competition

The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for a worldwide competition that brings high school and college students together to tackle big questions in synthetic biology. But it also provided a unique research opportunity for the University of Illinois...

Researchers Shed Light on New Enzymatic Reaction

Led by CABBI scientists, this team has identified key ingredients for producing high-value chemical compounds in an environmentally friendly fashion: repurposed enzymes, curiosity, and a little bit of light.

Rapid Screening Method Targets Fatty Acids in Yeast; Key to Sustainable Bioproducts

CABBI researchers at Illinois develop a high-throughput screening tool, a chemical characterization approach based on MALDI-ToF MS.

CABBI Brochures

CABBI 2020, a four-page brochure on the Center after two years of operations

Filling the Gaps and Defining the Future of Bioenergy, CABBI overview published January 2018

CABBI Presentations

CABBI 2019, presented by Director Evan H. DeLucia at DOE Genomic Sciences Meeting, February 2019, Washington, D.C.

CABBI 2018, presented by DeLucia at Genomic Sciences Meeting, February 2018, Washington, D.C.

CABBI Overview, presented by DeLucia and Theme Leaders for Kickoff Celebration, Feb. 1, 2018, Urbana, Ill.