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New Model Offers Means to Reduced-Carbon Renewable Energy Source

CABBI researchers from West Virginia, Idaho have developed FUN-BioCROP.

RISE Internships Go Beyond The Science

Take it from the undergraduates who participated in 2021!

Applications Open for 2022 Summer Internships

Underrepresented undergrads encouraged to apply for paid summer jobs with CABBI (travel and housing included); deadline Feb. 24.

Energy Secretary Granholm Visits CABBI Sites!

Top DOE official checks out IBRL, Energy Farm during Dec. 9 visit to Illinois.

Podcast: CABBI Researchers Discuss Creating an Energy Market for Miscanthus

Center is working on understanding Miscanthus biology and the economic terrain to help make the plant a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

iGEM Team Earns Bronze

Undergraduates work toward breaking down widely used plastics.

CABBI Brochures

CABBI in Brief 2022, a two-page read on the basics of the Center

CABBI 2022, a four-page brochure on the Center after four years of operations

Filling the Gaps and Defining the Future of Bioenergy, CABBI overview published January 2018