Soil Bacterial Microbial Community Associated with Miscanthus giganteus Sequencing Data

Themes: Sustainability

Keywords: Genomics


Ma, L., Rocha, F.I., Lee, J.Choi, J.Tejera, M.Sooksa-Nguan T.Boersma, N.N.VanLoocke, A.Heaton, E.Howe, A. Jan. 17, 2020. “Soil Bacterial Microbial Community Associated with Miscanthus giganteus.” NCBI – BioProject.


While relative abundance of shared taxa remained similar across all stand years (A), unique taxa represented a greater proportion of the microbial community at the youngest stand age than at older stand ages (B).

This project aims to study the effects of planting year of Miscanthus and nitrogen fertilization rates on associated bacterial microbial community.


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