Saccharum Liguleless1 Mutant Line Sequencing

Themes: Feedstock Production

Keywords: Biomass Analytics, Gene Editing, Genome Engineering


Brant, E.J., Eid, A., Kannan, B., Baloglu, M.C., Altpeter, F. April 29, 2023. Saccharum Liguleless1 Mutant Line Sequencing.” NIH – BioProject.


Sugarcane L35 displaying CRISPR-mediated loss of function in ~12% of the Lg1 NGS reads exhibited a 18% increase in dry biomass yield under field conditions compared to unmodified sugarcane (WT).

The study aimed to introduce CRISPR/Cas9-mediated, multiallelic mutations at the LIGULELESS1 loci in sugarcane (40+ copies present in var. CP88-1762) to explore if this alters leaf inclination angle for improved canopy level photosynthesis in high density plantings.


NIH – BioProject: Includes Illumina sequencing gene data

Download (13.1 KB) includes:

  • Phenotype biomass measurements
  • DNA primers
  • Mean leaf inclination and light penetration

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