Photosynthetic Performance Measurements in Biomass Sorghum Varietals in Central Illinois During Four Growing Seasons

Themes: Feedstock Production

Keywords: Field Data


Jaikumar, N.S., Fernandes, S., Leakey, A.D.B., Brown, P.J., Stutz, S.S., Bernacchi, C.J., Long, S.P. March 8, 2021. “Photosynthetic Performance Measurements in Biomass Sorghum Varietals in Central Illinois during Four Growing Seasons.” University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. DOI: 10.13012/B2IDB-4580996_V2.


Mean maximum quantum yields of leaf CO2 uptake. Mean maximum quantum yields (±1 SE) of leaf CO2 uptake on an absorbed light basis (Φ CO2,max,abs) in sun leaves (open symbols) and shade leaves (filled symbols) of planophile and erectophile sorghum accessions, respectively. Means are based on eight planophile and 10 erectophile accessions in 2016, and nine planophile and 12 erectophile accessions in 2017, respectively. Symbols ‘*’ and ‘**’ represent statistical significance at α=0.05 and 0.01, respectively, when comparisons are made between erectophiles and planophiles at the same canopy position within the same year (ns, α>0.05).

In a set of field studies across four years, the effect of self-shading on photosynthetic performance in lower canopy sorghum leaves was studied at sites in Champaign County, Ill. Photosynthetic parameters in upper and lower canopy leaves, carbon assimilation, electron transport, stomatal conductance, and activity of three C4-specific photosynthetic enzymes, were compared within a genetically diverse range of accessions varying widely in canopy architecture and thereby in the degree of self-shading. Accessions with erect leaves and high light transmission through the canopy are henceforth referred to as “erectophile” and those with low leaf erectness, “planophile.” In the final year of the study, bundle sheath leakiness in erectophile and planophile accessions was also compared.


Download (307 KB) Includes:

  • Leaf Angles
  • Biomass Height
  • Light Response Parameters
  • Canopy Light Interception

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