PhenoCam Dataset v2.0 — Vegetation Phenology from Digital Camera Imagery, 2000-2018

Themes: Sustainability

Keywords: Field Data


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Phenocam image from a Miscanthus field at the Illinois Energy Farm.

This data set provides a time series of vegetation phenological observations for 393 sites across diverse ecosystems of the world (mostly North America) from 2000-2018. The phenology data were derived from conventional visible-wavelength automated digital camera imagery collected through the PhenoCam Network at each site. From each acquired image, RGB (red, green, blue) color channel information was extracted and means and other statistics calculated for a region-of-interest (ROI) that delineates an area of specific vegetation type. From the high-frequency (typically, 30-minute) imagery collected over several years, time series characterizing vegetation color, including canopy greenness, plus greenness rising and greenness falling transition dates, were summarized over one- and three-day intervals. The PhenoCam data are released under a CC-BY license.


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