Excessive Rainfall Leads to Maize Yield Loss of a Comparable Magnitude to Extreme Drought in the United States

Themes: Sustainability

Keywords: Economics, Field Data


Li, Y., Guan, K. April 29, 2019. Data from: “Excessive rainfall leads to maize yield loss of a comparable magnitude to extreme drought in the United States.” figshare. DOI: 10.6084/m9.figshare.7581473.v1.


Observed maize yield response to precipitation.

The datasets include maize yield, climate data, maize yield loss from crop insurance data in the U.S., etc. The datasets can reproduce the results of the paper. and they can also be reused to explore other topics.


Download (314.12 MB) includes:

  • County Level Maize Yield and Temperature and Precipitation Data
  • Maize Yield Crop Insurance Information
  • Maize Yield Loss Damage Cause
  • County Level Precipitation and Maximum Temperature
  • County Level Soil Properties
  • Observed and AgMIP Simulated Maize Yield
  • Observed Maize Yield and Harvest Area Data
  • U.S. County and State Boundaries

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