Equivalent Soil Mass Calculation Software

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A comparison of SOC stocks using the FD method (top) and the ESM method (bottom) in a scenario in which only bulk density changed through time.

This script is intended to provide a starting point for users to implement the equivalent soil mass (ESM) approach for calculating soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks and SOC mass percentages (commonly called “SOC concentration”). The user should read this readme file and understand how the script works before using it. The script contains some basic error checking algorithms, but it cannot catch all data entry mistakes. It is possible to misuse the script and produce invalid results. The script was designed to work on individual soil cores that have been divided into three or more contiguous segments, as the cubic spline function contains four coefficients. The script has not been tested on soil cores containing fewer than three contiguous segments. If only one segment is present, interpolation will necessarily be linear rather than cubic, which is expected to result in higher predictive error (Wendt & Hauser, 2013). Considering the wide range of potential applications, the script should not be expected to function correctly in all situations. The user is encouraged to modify or rewrite the script to meet their specific needs.


GitHub Repository – ESM R script

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