BioEconomy Community Communication Tool, an Agent-Based Model

Themes: Sustainability

Keywords: Economics, Modeling


Yang, P.Cai, X. July 2, 2022. “BioEconomy Community Communication Tool, an Agent-Based Model.” GitHub Repository


Simulation interface for the agent-based model community communication tool.

The emergence of the cellulosic bioeconomy requires not only adequate technological, economic, and policy advances, but also effective communication and coordination among the multiple stakeholders in the bioeconomy community. Aiming to facilitate stakeholder communication and collaboration for cellulosic bioeconomy growth, an agent-based model is developed as a community communication tool in this study. The tool simulates the behaviors and interactions of key stakeholders, as well as the responses and interactions between the stakeholders and biophysical, socioeconomic, and environmental conditions. The agent behavior rules are developed and validated based on behavior and economic theories and information attained from a stakeholder focus group study and a land use survey.


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