AgroIBIS VSF Farmed Pothole Ponding Model Runs

Themes: Sustainability

Keywords: Biomass Analytics, Field Data, Modeling


Edmonds, P.VanLoocke, A. Feb. 8, 2021. “AgroIBIS VSF Farmed Pothole Ponding Model Runs.” Iowa State University. DOI: 10.25380/iastate.14762355.


15-year average spatial yield for (a) corn/soy, (b) low-drown threshold miscanthus, and (c) high drown threshold miscanthus for 2002-2016 under the Control scenario.

This data set includes modeled (AgroIBIS-VSF) output of crop yield for miscanthus and a corn/soybean rotation in .nc format. Input includes the precipitation scenarios (.csv) used to generate the runs, and supplemental observed yield monitor data (.csv) from the research area of interest.

Simulations were run throughout 2016/2017. Yield data were collected during harvest of their respective labeled years, and Leaf Area Index (LAI) was collected 8/16/2016. Yields, LAI, and simulations were based around the Been and Bennett Farm fields in Ames, Iowa (41.9890°N, -93.6823°W).


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