A Simple, Affordable, Do-It-Yourself Method for Measuring Soil Maximum Water Holding Capacity

Themes: Sustainability

Keywords: Ecosystem Science


Nelson, J.T., Adjuik, T.A., McDaniel, M.D., Moore, E.B., VanLoocke, A.D., Ramirez Reyes, A.,  Jan. 17, 2024. “Validating the Funnel, Filter Paper, and Drainage Method for Maximum Water Holding Capacity Over a Wide Range of Soil Textures” Iowa State University. DOI: 10.25380/iastate.24898005.v1


MWHCFFPD correlates with WHCPC at -2.45 kPa.

The data provided includes the results of maximum water holding capacity using the funnel, filter paper, and drainage (FFPD) method, as well as soil water retention curves generated from the water desorption method (via pressure cells) for a full range of soil textures. It will also include data from sensitivity trials to test readily available materials and varying conditions the FFPD method could be expanded to use for more accessibility to community scientists. The format will be in data tables.


Iowa State Dataset: Includes water holding capacity results, soil water retention curves, sensitivity trials.

Download (7.6 KB) includes:

  • Soil identification
  • Sensitivity test details
  • Material/setup/run costs

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