Annual Science Retreat: Collaboration the Key to Year 2 Success

More than 200 scientists, researchers, and students attended the Center for Advanced Bioenergy and Bioproducts Innovation (CABBI) annual science meeting. After a year of field work, lab research, and literature reviews, the meeting highlighted Integration through large group sessions, networking opportunities, research tours, and breakout groups.

The first day kicked off with a welcome from Director Evan H. DeLucia, followed by research updates in each theme: Sustainability, Conversion, and Feedstock Production. A highlight of the retreat was the “Bioenergy 101” presentations, in which scientists focused in different subject matters provided an educational and understandable overview of their disciplines, and connected their work to the larger CABBI audience. Integration breakout sessions, meetings, and a research poster competition created an atmosphere of collaboration and support.

Since starting in late December 2017, CABBI has grown to more than 250 people, with 61 Principal Investigators and 62 Postdocs. The Center had its first Department of Energy review in February 2019, and researchers have published 31 journal papers and counting, and claimed two inventions, since the Center’s start.