Bioenergy 101: Science Simplified

During the 2019 CABBI annual science planning retreat, leaders from the Feedstock Production, Conversion, and Sustainability themes presented a “Bioenergy 101” series. 

These seminars were designed to provide our researchers — who are content knowledge experts in their particular fields — with a better understanding of the basic concepts within the other themes, and how the themes connect to overall CABBI goals. These talks progressed into research overviews, and they were used to inspire and promote cross-theme collaboration. Speakers included Christopher Rao, Stephen P. Long, Yong-Su Jin, Vijay Singh, Andy VanLoocke, and Madhu Khanna.

In 2020-21, CABBI renewed the Bioenergy 101 series as a way for fellow researchers — and the public — to get a better understanding of what our labs are doing.

Recent videos:

2019 videos