Research shows oilseeds’ potential for bioproduct creation

Nebraska/BNL work furthers CABBI goals!

CABBI Science Retreat 2022: Collaborating in Person!

In June 2022, CABBI scientists gathered to evaluate the Center’s progress and to plan for the future. View a short video!

CABBI Team Develops Automated Platform for Plasmid Production

PlasmidMaker has a user-friendly web interface with which researchers can intuitively visualize and assemble the perfect plasmid for their needs.

Researchers Develop Powerful Strategy for Creating New-to-Nature Enzymes

CABBI team achieves elusive biocatalytic reaction, building on previous work that repurposes natural enzymes with light.







CABBI Research Themes

Feedstock Production





CABBI #Conversion researchers have determined that certain reaction conditions (low hydrogen peroxide and solid oxide catalysts) can lead to stable production of bioproduct precursors.

📰 Published in Reaction Chemistry & Engineering:

It's time for #MicrobeMonday! 🦠

Why are yeasts so helpful for bioenergy research?

These tough, enzyme-rich microbes are the perfect system to convert plant sugars & lipids into #CABBI's target molecules, like oils or fatty alcohols used in fuel, soaps & other bioproducts! ⛽️

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