DOE Renews CABBI Five More Years

Phase 2 of Center will continue groundbreaking work toward U.S. energy independence.

Wastewater to Energy: New Treatment Process Can Improve Biorefinery Sustainability

CABBI design simultaneously treats wastewater and recovers biogas, generating revenue and reducing GHG emissions.

CABBI/GLBRC Team Explores Leaf Microbiome in Perennial Bioenergy Crops

Multi-BRC study shows that life on a leaf might be a key to a sustainable future.

Heng Ji: Constructing Conversion Databases with Artificial Intelligence

A new PI is bringing computational linguistics to CABBI’s Conversion Theme.

CABBI Team Achieves First Precision Gene Editing in Miscanthus

Research accelerates efforts to tap the huge potential of this highly productive but genetically complex grass as a source for biofuels, renewable bioproducts, and carbon sequestration.







CABBI Research Themes

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