A Love for Nature: Caitlin Moore Uses Micrometeorology to Study Crops, Fields

Postdoc’s work with CABBI revolves around a set of flux towers at the University of Illinois Energy Farm and at a site in Florida, measuring how carbon dioxide and water are exchanged between plants and the atmosphere.

Jing-Jing Liu: A Genuine Love for the Laboratory

If you made a movie about Jing-Jing Liu’s life story, the University of Illinois’ IGB Lab 1200 would be the perfect backdrop for filming. Falling in love, pregnancies, and raising her children dance around the research, engineering, and innovations that mark her adult...

A Beautiful Song: Yong-Su Jin Embraces Science and Art of Metabolic Engineering

As a researcher, Yong-Su Jin sees both science and art in his work. He sees science in the measuring, testing and theorizing. But in the creativity and passion that his field requires, he sees art.

Tong Si: Bioengineering is in his Genes

While most children were building race tracks, Lego cities, and sandcastles, Tong Si was really interested in one thing: tearing them apart. Fascinated at a young age by what things are made of, he liked to break things apart to figure out how they work. Si naturally...

Stephen Moose: Bringing Science Back to the Farm

On the south side of the University of Illinois campus, a set of farm plots grow a variety of crops that are being studied and tested for productivity and efficiency. These plots are where Stephen Moose’s research begins. After growing up on a farm in Ohio, becoming...

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