Dalton Stewart: Economics and Environment both Vital to Sustainability

CABBI Sustainability researcher’s adolescent affinities for farms and fauna are a given. But his fascination with agricultural sustainability remains from his middle school days.

Postdoc Matthew Waugh: One of CABBI’s ‘Molecular Mechanics’

His research focuses on finding ways to produce necessary molecules from renewable resources instead of traditional oil. 

Yingqi Cai: Passion for Plants Leads to Promising Biofuel Research

Growing up in a small town on the east coast of China, Yingqi Cai was fascinated with plants. Her mom loved gardening, and their home was filled with greenery. Cai would sit and stare at the plants, waiting in vain to catch the exact moment they flowered. “It was...

Zia Fatma: From Genes to Cuisines, CABBI Researcher is Driven by Discovery

“Every day is exciting. Every day you perform different experiments and have a different hypothesis.”

Xueyi Xue: Exploring the Complexities of Plant Sugar Flux

Xue was always intrigued by biotechnology and natural biodiversity — and how those two seemingly separate subjects matter need one another.

Luoye Chen: A Taste for Sustainable Agriculture

From agro-environmental policy analysis to the production analysis of biofuels — like perennial grasses — Ph.D. candidate’s research within CABBI’s Sustainability theme ranges over several topics.

Joanna Ridgeway: Naturally Interested in Bioenergy Agriculture, Microbes

Ph.D. Candidate is able to apply her existing interest in microbial processes to bioenergy crops in particular.

Mohammad Belaffif: Bringing Bioinformatics to Life

“In a way, CABBI is the translational medicine of plant genomics, I guess! There’s a goal that we want to achieve, and that goal is applicable.”

iBioFAB: Reimagining our Approach to Synthetic Biology

Foundry automates research, allows scientists to concentrate on planning and building experiments.

Hans Müller Paul: Streamlining Feedstock Research with Computation

“The work that I’m doing is like a grain of sand in the desert. But everyone’s work makes the desert, in the end.”

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