Catching up with CABBI Alumni

Catching up with CABBI Alumni Q&As with some of the former graduate students, postdocs, and technicians who made their mark on our Center and have gone on to exciting new careers! Yalin Li was a Postdoctoral Research Associate and Research Scientist in CABBI’s...

New CABBI Co-PI Seeks to Enhance Bioenergy Production, Sustainability

Texas A&M AgriLife Research’s Nuria Gomez-Casanovas, a Phase 2 Sustainability Co-PI, is examining CABBI goals through cane production.

Penn State Biochemist Applies Aging Research to Yeasts

Melanie McReynolds studies how stress disrupts NAD+, a powerful coenzyme that regulates metabolism in humans and yeasts.

Rojda Aslan-Sungur: Analyzing Ag Resilience in a Changing Climate

A native of Turkey, Postdoc has found a sense of home at CABBI, Iowa State University.

Eleanor Brant: Fine-Tuning DNA to make the World More Sustainable

Florida Ph.D. candidate optimizes and applies genome editing protocols for sugarcane and other bioenergy crops.

Soil-Plant Interactions and More: A Q&A With Marshall McDaniel

Get to know the newest CABBI Sustainability Investigator from Iowa State.

Stephanie Juice: Simulating Crop Dynamics below the Surface

CABBI Postdoctoral Fellow at West Virginia University studies the interplay between crops, soils, and microbes.

Kisurb Choe: Improving Microbiology With Science, Gadgetry, and Fun

Ph.D. student has found his perfect niche: building tools to efficiently screen yeasts for key components in plant-based bioproducts

Himaya Mula-Michel: Breeding Sugarcane Resilience in the Eye of a Hurricane

Postdoc at CABBI’s Houma, La., cultivates new sugarcane varieities that withstood the wrath of Hurricane Ida

Danim Yun: Unraveling Reactions To Uncover Solutions

Postdoctoral researcher analyzes chemical reactions to find new networks for creating building blocks for lubricants and polymers from fatty acids in plants.

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