Soil-Plant Interactions and More: A Q&A With Marshall McDaniel

Get to know the newest CABBI Sustainability Investigator from Iowa State.

Stephanie Juice: Simulating Crop Dynamics below the Surface

CABBI Postdoctoral Fellow at West Virginia University studies the interplay between crops, soils, and microbes.

Kisurb Choe: Improving Microbiology With Science, Gadgetry, and Fun

Ph.D. student has found his perfect niche: building tools to efficiently screen yeasts for key components in plant-based bioproducts

Himaya Mula-Michel: Breeding Sugarcane Resilience in the Eye of a Hurricane

Postdoc at CABBI’s Houma, La., cultivates new sugarcane varieities that withstood the wrath of Hurricane Ida

Danim Yun: Unraveling Reactions To Uncover Solutions

Postdoctoral researcher analyzes chemical reactions to find new networks for creating building blocks for lubricants and polymers from fatty acids in plants.

Rachel Van Allen: Solid Ground for Sustainability Research

Rachel Van Allen is a sustainability research jack-of-all-trades — a water specialist working in a soils lab, the go-to person for help in Wendy Yang’s CABBI Sustainability group.

Ayman Eid: Gene Editing for All

CABBI postdoctoral researcher is developing gene editing platforms that will allow scientists to efficiently modify the sugarcane genome.

Josh Bendorf: Bringing Sustainability Home to the Farm

Ag meteorology M.S. Candidate studies bioenergy feedstocks and adapts models to simulate crops and help evaluate environmental and economic sustainability.

Integration Postdoc Bridges the Gap Between Feedstocks and Conversion

Researchers from the two different CABBI themes are pooling their skills to engineer plants that produce organic acids directly from CO2 and sunlight — cutting out the extra step of conversion via microbes.

Teresa Clark: Celebrating Everything Plants Have to Offer

BNL feedstock production postdoc researches how to improve oil production in bioenergy crops.

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