Teresa Clark: Celebrating Everything Plants Have to Offer

BNL feedstock production postdoc researches how to improve oil production in bioenergy crops.

CABBI Welcomes Sustainability Theme PI Jennifer Pett-Ridge

Lawrence Livermore National Lab soil expert joins the team!

Anshu Deewan: Finding the ‘Fun’ in Computational Biology

Ph.D. Candidate’s work helps improve lipid production in yeasts.

CABBI Researchers Collaborate on Oilcane Pilot Project

CABBI researchers across the U.S. have struck oil(cane) — and right here in Illinois, scientists are exploring sugarcane’s viability as a renewable energy resource. Read for more!

Sierra Raglin: From ‘Super-Nerd’ to Microbial Ecologist

Ph.D. Candidate studies how domestication of maize and sorghum has changed their biochemical pathways and interactions with microorganisms.

Meera Gupta: Solving the Protein Puzzle – and Testing the Limits

Ph.D. Candidate has developed a mass spectrometry-based technique to accurately measure protein degradation rates.

Meet CABBI’s Remote — but Essential — Team

Don’t forget about Idaho! Team Hudiburg’s ecosystem modeling is a key connecting all of the Center’s researchers to the future of bioenergy crops.

Kiyoul Park: Research to Fuel the Future

A molecular biologist and metabolic engineer, this Nebraska postdoc zones in on sorghum’s stem to study its intricate genetic makeup.

Qiang Yan: Keeping Cells ‘Happy & Healthy’ to Brew Sustainable Products

CABBI Conversion Postdoc works on oleochemical production in yeast.

Dalton Stewart: Economics and Environment both Vital to Sustainability

CABBI Sustainability researcher’s adolescent affinities for farms and fauna are a given. But his fascination with agricultural sustainability remains from his middle school days.

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