Soil microbiome RNA of Miscanthus x giganteus at LAMPS Study Site


CABBI Theme: Sustainability

Keyword: Genomics



Ma, L., Rocha, F.I., Lee, J., Choi, J., Tejera, M., Sooksa-Nguan T., Boersma, N.N., VanLoocke, A., Heaton, E., Howe, A.  July 9, 2021. “Soil microbiome of Miscanthus x giganteus at LAMPS Study Site.” NCBI.


Relative abundance of bacterial communities associated with various N-cycling functions identified using RNA-based methods. Y-axis indicates time from fertilizer application.


SSU rRNA RNA library of soil microbiome sampled from LAMPS.



Soil Microbiome RNA Library


Related Publication

Yang, J., Lee, J., Choi, J., Ma, L., Heaton, E., Howe, A. Feb. 16, 2022. “Response of Total (DNA) and Metabolically Active (RNA) Microbial Communities in Miscanthus x giganteus Cultivated Soil to Different Nitrogen Fertilization Rates.” Microbiology Spectrum. DOI:10.1128/spectrum.02116-21.